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Ronnie Rodrigues’ gift to employees, a London trip!

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A lot of businessmen give handsome gifts to their employees during the festival of lights, i.e. Diwali. But have you ever heard about an owner of the company giving their employees an all expenses paid foreign tour as a Diwali gift? As per the research there’s only one company owner who has done that, multiple times. Ronnie Rodrigues, ¬†Owner and CMD of Pearl Group of Companies, has been giving his employees, including office boys, watchmen, drivers, security staff etc, a foreign tour, at least once a year.

During Diwali Ronnie Rodrigues makes sure to distribute sweets, dry fruits, gifts and cash to the cleaning staff, security personnel and menial staff at the Dheeraj Heritage premises where the HO of his group of companies is located. Moreover his entire staff gets a handsome bonus in the form of a foreign trip. Ronnie Rodrigues makes arrangements for everyone’s air tickets, visas, hotel accommodation et al. This Diwali all the staff was flown to the United Kingdom’s capital, London. He too travels with everyone and stays at the same hotel, preferably a five star property. As many are averse to European food, he ensures to book rooms with Kitchen facilities, where they can cook the meal of their choice. These rooms are equipped with an oven, a washing machine, cooking range with utensils etc. And mind you, these rooms cost higher than other standard rooms.

During the stay he took everyone for sightseeing tours including the London Eye. Last but not the least, Ronnie Rodrigues arranged personal shopping for each and everyone at his cost. It’s hard to believe but it is true. Does anyone¬†know any employer doing so much for his employees? Ronnie Rodrigues definitely likes to distribute happiness and could easily be termed as a Modern Day Karn!

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