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Anish Vikramaditya dedicates his film ‘Dilon Mein Uphaan’ to his late mentor Dev Anand

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In a heartfelt tribute to the legendary actor Dev Anand on his 100th birth anniversary, Anish Vikramaditya, who was launched into the Hindi film industry by Dev Anand himself, has dedicated his upcoming film ‘Dilon Mein Uphaan’ to the iconic actor. This heartfelt gesture marks a proud moment in Bollywood’s cinematic history.

Inspired by a heart-wrenching true incident, ‘Dilon Mein Uphaan’ sheds light on the prevailing resentment and anger among women and girls due to heinous crimes like rape. The film tells the story of a disabled girl from a small town who becomes a victim of unimaginable cruelty. This narrative will certainly strike a chord with audiences, evoking deep emotions and empathy.

The film features a talented cast, including Anish Vikramaditya, known for his role in ‘Chargesheet’ and also one of the directors with Matchbox Pictures Pvt Ltd , Neeta Mohindra of ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’ fame ,Deeksha Asthana , Ashutosh Sinha and Kavya Shukla. The special screening of the film took place at Cinepolis Cinema in Mumbai, where the entire cast and various guests came together to support this compelling project. Social worker and film producer Smita Thackeray, along with Balwinder Singh Janjua, the director of Randeep Hooda’s film ‘Cat’, were also in attendance to extend their best wishes to the team.

The film is a realistic portrayal of a disturbing incident, and its cast and crew have put in immense effort to bring this story to life. ‘Dilon Mein Uphaan’ is set to be released digitally on November 24, featuring newcomers showcasing their talents. The film is produced by Rachna Kumari of Metafaabex Industries Pvt Ltd and directed by Sukhwinder Singh.

Anish Vikramaditya’s character in the film is unlike any he’s played before, earning praise from the audience at the special screening. The film’s climax promises to be innovative and shocking, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers.

Anish Vikramaditya, expressing his dedication to the late Dev Anand, revealed, “This film is a humble tribute to a legend who contributed significantly to Indian cinema. Dev Anand’s legacy lives on, and I am honoured to dedicate ‘Dilon Mein Uphaan’ to his memory.”

With its strong message and talented cast, ‘Dilon Mein Uphaan’ will surely make a profound impact on its audience by carrying forward the legacy of the legendary actor in Indian cinema.

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