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Financial freedom for the common man is important, says Sangram Singh

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Wrestler Sangram Singh has made the nation proud with his victories in Commonwealth and has been part of few reality shows on TV, too. Now, the wrestler is all set to become the brand ambassador of Star Investors.

Sangram said, “It is important that whenever we choose to do something in our lives, it should be about benefiting the people around us, the society or community at large and the entire nation. It has always been my endeavour to do something that will be of use and become my goodwill.”

Sangram shared why he decided to associate with Star Investor. He said, “I have seen this young group of individuals doing a lot of helping the millennials become self-reliant by investing their money. I felt that they are doing good work in educating people about various investment schemes and helping their wealth grow. I felt it was important to associate myself too, and help them with their mission.

From a small village to everyone across India, Sangram Singh’s and Star Investors’ common goal is to educate every individual concerning their financial investments and to provide them with their financial freedom. It is my sole aim to help them achieve this.”

Sangram shared how the times have changed now and people should not seek selfish interests. He said, “I have always believed that one should earn goodwill and do good for the society rather than just keep earning money for oneself. I am happy that I am associated with this group and believe that everyone should come forward for such noble causes.”

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