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Cake cutting and celebrations as Dangal TV’s Mann Sundar hits a century

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Dangal TV’s popular and interesting social drama Mann Sundar has completed 100 episodes. The entire star cast and team celebrated the success by cutting a cake on the sets of the show. This serial is winning the hearts of the audience. Its TRP is good on Dangal TV. Every episode has a new twist, a new turn and because of these interesting twists, this serial is connecting with viewers.

The character of Ruchita played by Shruti Anand has captured the hearts of the audience. Shruti Anand is extremely happy and excited with this hundred episode journey. Talking to the media on the occasion of completing 100 episodes, she said, “Mann Sundar is a very special show for me. I am very happy to get immense love from the audience. I would like to congratulate and say thank you to Dangal TV, the entire team and the audience that people are loving me so much for playing the role of Ruchita. In every episode we try to bring new turns and twists. The entire team of this serial has become like a family and our set has become another home, we keep shooting from morning till night and do not know how three months have passed.”

Ruchita added, “Today we have shot an important scene, it is someone’s birthday in the house and a big drama happens. Amrita is back but only Mother and Dadi know that Sunehri is Amrita. If Amrita’s truth comes out, it will also be revealed that Nihar was never in love with Ruchita, this is going to be the biggest twist ever.”

Shivam Khajuria, playing the character of Nihar, said, “It is a matter of happiness for all of us that the show has completed 100 episodes so soon. In today’s time completing 100 episodes is also a big achievement. We would like the audience to continue to love the show like this and it completes a thousand episodes.There are so many dramas and twists in the story. We are enjoying acting too. I would give credit to Dangal TV for its success that they thought of a show, which revolves around an interesting subject. Very positive and good messages keep pouring in about the show on social media as well.  

Mamta Luthra, who is playing the role of Nihar’s grandmother, said, “I congratulate all the actors, Dangal TV and the audience on the occasion of 100 episodes. We are all shooting it with a lot of hard work, we do not remember how days have passed.”

Aparna Ghoshal, who is playing the role of Nihar’s mother, said, “The entire team of Mann Sundar is very supportive and we work together. I am glad that our show has completed 100 episodes.”

Ayushi Khurana, who is playing the role of Amrita, shared how Amrita had come as Sunehri because she had some motive to return as Amrita. She said, “Today we have a party in our house, and during this time Amrita plans something against Ruchita, which is going to be very dramatic. The show keeps the audience hooked and the viewers remain curious about the upcoming episodes.”

Shruti Anand is playing the role of Ruchita and Shivam Khajuria is playing the role of Nihar in this show. Amitabh Ghanekar is playing the role of Ruchita’s father, Geeta Bisht is playing the role of Ruchita’s mother and Kajal Khan Chandani is playing the role of grandmother. Krishna Ganesh is playing the role of Ruchita’s brother, Palak Jain is playing the role of friend. Sanjay is playing the role of Nihar’s father, Aparna Ghoshal as Nihar’s mother, Mamta Luthra as grandmother and Suraj Punjabi as Nihar’s brother. Manisha Saxena is playing the role of Nihar’s sister-in-law Ritu.

Mann Sundar airs from Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm on Dangal TV.

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