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Nyra Banerjee: Working with a good production house makes an actor feel belonged to the show!

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Nyra Banerjee: Working with a good production house makes an actor feel belonged to the show!

Actor Nyra Banerjee is nailing it as the lead character in producers Sanjay Kohli and Binaiferr Kohli’s comedy show Excuse Me Maadam!
She feels blessed to be part of such an amazing team. In a one on one chat, she reveals her challenges and how COVID 19 has affected her life.

How has your journey in Excuse Me Maadam been so far?

  • My journey so far has been beautiful. I just feel everything happened so smoothly and naturally. It just makes me feel that was what I meant to be doing this show. I had such amazing directors. It started with Shashank sir and now Sameer sir is shooting it. We have an amazing cast like Rajesh Ji, Sucheeta ji, Anoop and the entire crew. When your production house takes care of you, you get a sense of belonging. I would like to thank my producers. I don’t know if we had an age gao, I would call Ben ma’am,’mommy” because she takes such amazing care. It’s a blessing.
  • Your character is really appreciated and entertains the audience immensely. How much do you relate with your character?

Madam is a polished character. My friends tell me that this show and character was meant for me because even in real life, I am so hoity-toity and I have that kind of personality. Internally, I have many shades but I relate to this character because it has some parts of me. I am glad that the audience likes it because I am able to entertain them. After lockdown and so much changes we have gone through, this was a much-needed show.

  • Is making people laugh easier or tougher than what it seems?

I am not making an attempt to make people laugh because it would go against my character. My character is very composed, mature and she speaks her mind. If I stick to my character of being how I am supposed to be, then that’s going to be actual humour because that will lead to a lot of things about me.

  • Since this is your first comedy on television, please tell why you decided to take up the genre of comedy? I had three things in mind. I wanted to do romance, action, and comedy. I’ve never tried the comedy zone. My first film was a comedy film but its been quite some time but a lot of people tell me that comedy is difficult. When you are doing a situational comedy you have to be very natural and realistic. I don’t have to make a lot of effort but in every episode, there is a very big challenge. There is a quirk in every episode which I have to excel. My previous show Divya Drishti was too much drama. I wanted to do something which is peaceful and light-hearted. Doing comedy is so fulfilling. I don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day.
  • What kind of responses have you got from fans? Any fan interaction or incident which touched your heart?

My fans were waiting to see me back on screen and they are happy. The fact that I am coming back in such an amazing project, they are already having a riot. The fact that they love me so much, I feel really blessed.

  • How is it working with Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli? What makes then special as producers?

Binaiferr ma’am handles the production and Sanjay sir takes care of the creative part. My interaction with Sanjay sir is not that much because I am not creatively involved but with Ben ma’am, she takes care of everything. I have direct communication with her. She is so loving and she ensures I am comfortable. Very few producers have this direct communication with actors and she has built a very special relation. I am glad I am working with them.

  • You have worked in films as well. What would you say about the difference in expectations and hard work put into tv and films?

With films, we know we will be done in 2 months. You have to give your everything in those 2 months but with television, you have to give the same kind of consistency every single day. You have to work hard every day. I feel that, at least in TV, even if you are not very good in one scene, you can manage it. Of course, I can’t be lazy about it but we still have a lot of scenes to perform better.

  • What kind of films would you like to take up now?

I really want to be part of a nice romantic film which will also have some action. I have done drama, I am doing comedy. I know that movies are not very easy and sometimes projects have slipped from my hand to someone else too. I face this so many times. I don’t know how the film world is going to be for me but I really would like to do a nice romantic film.

  • How has life been ever since COVID 19 happened? What do you have to say about the ‘new normal’?
    New normal is already normal for me. I am already used to it. The lockdown period was difficult but I had a lot of self-growth, enrichment. Mostly, I have learnt how you want to grow. Compassion and gratitude is the key for me. I am already a hygiene freak and COVID 19 has accelerated that habit. It has made people much more cleaner. Overall, I had a very good experience. I am happy to be part of this atmosphere and this production house.

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