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Jagbir Dahiya came specially from Haryana to distributes PPE kits to policemen in Mumbai

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Film producer Jagbir Dahiya specially travelled 24 hours in his car from Haryana to Mumbai, to distribute PPE kits to Mumbai Police. He gave away PPE kits to police in various wards of Mumbai. The kits included hand gloves, face masks, full body dress, goggle and many other utilitary things required during the lockdown period. He said, “I felt that the Mumbai Police is doing a marvellous job and many policemen have sacrificed their lives fighting for people’s safety during COVID-19. The doctors and medical staff are getting many facilities from government but I felt that Mumbai Police, also needs that kind of support.”

Dahiya has distributed 20,000 face masks, 100 PPE kits, 300 sanitizers and 300 hand gloves to the policemen ( Zone 9, Zone 7, Malwani and Arthur Road Jail ) in the city. It is really amazing that the film producer travelled all the way to distribute kits in his car. In Haryana he regularly arranged for around 1500 people to get food packets and has helped many orphan youngsters get married. Singer Shaurya Mehta came with Jagbir Dahiya at Zone 9 and Swaroop Bhalwankar and Retired ACP Anand Bhalwankar came to Malwani Police Station .

Jagbir Dahiya recently got popular with his film ‘The Journey of Karma’ which featured Shakti Kapoor and Poonam Pandey. He had also made a film Kuch Kariye starring singer Sukhwinder Singh in it. The producer has also many TV shows for Doordarshan .

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