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Chirag Shah of GoCeleb has organised more than 100 shows in 2019

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Chirag Shah, who is the founder of GoCeleb company has worked in TV and Film industry for the last 20 years and has studied the problems that the Talents and customers face. The general perception is that it is only the super rich who can afford to call a talent for their events. Go Celeb is here to change that, Stars are within your reach, just a click away on GoCeleb goes by the adage #Make it happen. Chirag Shah has organised maximum shows in Mumbai and Gujarat. He has organised dandiya night in 5 cities with more than 20 singers. He also organised shows with Sonu Nigam, Pyarelal Ji, Alka Yagnik ,Arvind Vegda, Bhoomi Trivedi , Osman Mir and others.

GoCeleb has on its portal verified talents, spanning different genres of Acting, Singing, Dancing, Music, Sports and all which relates to this entertainment canvas. Whether its Corporates looking for famous faces for their brand endorsement or someone wanting to hire a talent for their personal events, its as easy as browsing, selecting and finalizing the talent. All this made possible by GoCeleb using technology and back-end operations to make it work seamlessly.

GoCeleb has also introduced a multi city membership based GoCeleb Club which shall include exclusive experience of movies, dramas, concerts, new year events and many more. Membership of the club can be bought online at .

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