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No Laughing Matter: How an app changed the life of a comedian

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No Laughing Matter: How an app changed the life of a comedian.

Kechki, a small village in Jharkhand, where a man is looking for an app to edit videos stumbles upon Vigo Video App. The rest as they say is history. Prince Kumar today boasts a following of over 1.9 Million Fans on Vigo app itself where he creates quirky and funny short videos. His long-form content channel PRIKISU, which he runs with his childhood friends, now has over 360k+ subscribers on YouTube.
He has set an example on how social media, especially an app like Vigo can help people sitting miles away from the entertainment hubs of the country, reach out to and create an audience without leaving the comfort of their homes. Initially, he along with his close friends used the app to watch entertaining videos. Inspired by those videos, they started making their own comedy videos, one of which hit over 50k likes overnight, which motivated them to make more such content.
He also added,
“I come from a place where being popular or even thinking of a career in entertainment is rare. Social media is non-existent. Initially, it was a struggle but we were motivated by seeing the number of people we were entertaining everyday” says Prince Kumar. Today he’s looking at a full fledged career in both short and long form content, and has recently been collaborating with celebrities like Monalisa of Nazar fame to make videos for Vigo.
Loved by audiences in the interiors, Kumar and his group are often mobbed at public places and stopped for pictures in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai too!

“I thank God that I stumbled upon Vigo Video App that day” says Kumar as he readies up for another one of his video shoots in his hometown of Kechki, Jharkhand.

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