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2nd Business Global Icon Achiever Award 2022 by Kalyanji Jana Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Film International 2022 will be held in Dubai on 27th July

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Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Film Organization, DPIAF- Roti & Kapda Bank, KalyanJi Jana Youth Foundation and KJ Talkies OTT Platform Presents This Year’s Biggest Successful and Prestigious Award Show 2nd Business Global Icon Achiever Award and 2nd Nari Shakti Icon Achiever Award 2022 was successfully Organized at the luxurious Hotel Holiday Inn in, Mayur vihar, New Delhi. The purpose of awarding the Business Global Icon Achiever Award is that those who have become a businessman from their poverty, their poor parents taught their child in poverty, they move forward and later become a big businessman, this year’s 2nd business Global Icon Achiever Award 2022 was given to such a businessmen. People were very excited to receive this award. They told Kalyanji Jana that by getting such an award, we get motivated and get the energy to work faster. Similarly, you keep doing this award function every year so that we can do more work.
Guest of honour
Shyam Jaju Senior BJP leader & National vice president BJP party, President of FWICE- Federation from Mumbai and National Advisor of DPIAF- BN Tiwari, senior kamgar political leader Abhijeet Rane, padmshri and senior Ghazal singer Soma Ghosh, senior actress Usha nadkarni, creative head and producer Nivedita Basu, senior dance choreographer Shabina Khan, had come as the guest of Honour in this Business Global icon achiever Award.
Let us tell you that along with the Business Global Icon Achiever Award here, a number of people were also awarded honorary doctorate Award by St. Mother Teresa University (USA) Madam Vijaya Saraswathy, Vice Chancellor of St. Mother Teresa University was present. Ravindra Arora, Prashant Sharma, Nishant Sharma, Ankita Jana, Bheru Jain, Gaurav Shah, Deepti sampura, parag sampura, Uttam Bhanshali, Priya bhui, creative head Mahesh ji, Gaurav Gupta, madan Das, advocate Ravindra Singh, advocate Shailesh Dubey were also present.
It is noteworthy that St. Mother Teresa University (USA) Australia is one such university where honorary doctorate Award are given to those who do social work for human welfare. This is an honorary degree not a PhD. Honors are given to those who have done excellent work for 10 -15 years in their field. Apart from this, there is going to be a great award show and fashion show in Kota Rajasthan on June 10-11. There is also going to be DPIAF – Rajasthan dance, singing and acting competition in it. This will be the biggest program of the year. Apart from this, there is going to be DPIAF- Miss and Mrs Rajasthan Indian Cultural Fashion Show where culture tourism from 29 states and seven union territory will be presented. This will be the first such show. Apart from this, the DPIAF- Rajasthan Iconic Award will be given to such iconic personalities. Its Organizer is Kulwinder Singh, Rajasthan President of DPIAF. After this show is over, the biggest prestigious award show of this year is going to be held in Dubai on 27th July. Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Awards Film International 2022 will be held in Dubai on 27th July. With this that is going to be an Honorable Doctorate Award by St. Mother Teresa University (USA) Australia. Its Organizers are KalyanJi Jana, Global President Ankita Jana, National President Bheru Jain, Youth President Gaurav Anil Shah & creative head Mahesh Bhai.

Winners of Bussiness Global Icon Achiever Award 2022

1. Rohit Sumon
( Best Icon Businessman)
2. Abdul Mannan
(Best Icon Businessman)
3. Dr. Premnath Genisan
( Best Businessman)
4. Sanjay Bhardwaj
(Best Icon Businessman)
5. D.Govardhan Lal Dewasi
( Best Icon Businessman and Social Worker)
6. Zakaria Lakdawala
( Chairman Zakaria Education and Charitable Trust
(Best Icon Businessman and Social Worker)
7. Chittaranjan Das
( Businessman and Social Worker)
8. Sunny Rathor
( Founder and Managing Director- IBEM Solutions LLP)
9. Uttam Bhansali
( Best Businessman)
10. Gaurav Mukesh Shah
Owner of Jsk Bulk Marketing Solutions
( Best Icon Businessman)
11. Dr. Tara Ramtel
( Best Businessman & Social Worker)
12. Rohit Singh
( Business Tycoon)
13. Udit Arya
( Ministry of Defence & Secretary, Central Secretariat Services Forum)
14.Sharad Kohli
(Best Icon Businessman)
15. Anil Kumar Singh
( Best Businessman and Social Worker)
16. Basant Kumar Mukhiya
( Best Education and Social Worker)
17.Rahul Saxena
( Best Results-Oriented management & leadership consultant 2022)
18. Dr. Ajay Mohan Sahai
( Best Social Activist of the year)
19. Jyoti Mandal
( Businessman and Social Worker)
20.Naimesh Prajapati
( General manager Leoli Sr. India LLP Best Icon Businessman)
21. Prashant Sharma
Head of Special affairs News India
( Best Icon TV Journalist & Social worker)
22. Rabi Raza
(Best Businessman Hotel Industry)
23. Shyam Sundar Soni
( Journalist and Bollywood Actor)
24. Shashwat Singh
( Black Band Sonu) Playback Singer
25. Raj Soni
Social media Sensation
(Standup Comedian, Ventriloquist & Actor)
26.Preeti Thakur
Managing Director
S R Machinery
(Best icon business women)
27. Ravi Saraswat
Managing Director
WebMobril Technologies Pvt Ltd
(Best icon businessman)
28. Pujya Kumar Singh
Best advocate Delhi High court
(Business Global award)
29. Propritor Dr.Satish sudhakar gudekar
Company Spectrum resource management
(Best businessman and icon personality)
30. Adv. Dr.Ravindra Kumar Singh
(Best advocate and social worker)
31. Dr. Bheru Jain
( Social Worker, Actor And Model)
32. Dr. Gaurav Anil Shah
( Best Businessman & Social Worker)
33. Mauris Bhai
( Best Businessman and Social Worker)

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