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Travelinks” A Solo show of watercolor paintings By Dr. Gorakh Agrawal in Jehangir

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“Travelinks” A Solo show of watercolor paintings By Dr. Gorakh Agrawal in Jehangir
From exploring new corners of the world to jumping hurdles, passion is what enables us to take a chance on what reverberates in our soul. ‘TRAVELINKS’ A solo exhibition of Watercolour Paintings of Dr. Gorakh Agrawal, showcasing an inspiring journey of this supremely talented pediatrician who constantly honored his creativity and passion for art while pursuing a medical career, has been organised at Jehangir Art Gallery from 23rd February to 1st March 2021.

When we all had to hide in our homes owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of brooding over the situation, Dr. Agrawal turned to creativity finding a significant source of comfort in his paintings. Even as a child he always took interest in arts, turning the pediatric ward of Rajawadi where his father was HOD of the hospital into his canvas to depicting Somaiya College campus in 6 Warli Paintings which has been displayed on 1st floor of the Science Building. And recently he was humbled and felt extremely fortunate to present a Buddha painting to His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

‘TRAVELINKS’ are watercolour paintings of the photographs he clicked during his recent travel. Although, the photographs serve as a reference, while paintings Dr. Agrawal revisited these places from his memories, depicting them in all their atmospheric effects such as brilliant light, strong shadows, rain, mist, etc. Creating an emotional connection in his landscapes is more important for Dr. Agrawal. He uses earth hues and makes the most of the subtle washes that are part of watercolour painting to depict panoramic mountainsides, fortresses, mosques, and forest from a distance.

When someone asks, ‘How do you find time to paint?’ he says that the number-one rule is always to be kind to yourself. We work hard in medicine. If you have something that fulfills this other part of you that is completely unrelated to medicine, it’s a very different thing. No measurement that says this is right or this is wrong; it’s often a process of muddling through trials and errors before you finally get to something that expresses what you want to do. One can always find time for what drives you and keeps you going.

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