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Sonu Sood became the brand ambassador of “ISM Edutech”

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Sonu Sood, is a perfect example of Today’s Real Life Hero and Rescuer. The COVID-19 has showcased this successful film actor’s humanitarian side at a national and international level. The founders of ISM Edutech Pvt. Ltd. wanted to be the chariots of hope and a provider of opportunities to students who had the capacity but were unfortunate victims of high capitation fees or competitive examinations.
In May 2020, Sonu Sood helped thousands of stranded Indian migrant workers to reach their homes. He said, “It gave me sleepless nights when I saw visuals of people walking hundreds of kilometers to reach their villages.”Sonu Sood also arranged a chartered flight In July 2020 to bring home over 1,500 Indian students stranded in Kyrgyzstan, flying them from Bishkek to Varanasi. During the same period of Corona Crisis, when it was an environment of apprehensions and uncertainty, ISM Edutech was relentlessly involved in facilitating the evacuation of thousands of Indian students studying at various Institutes represented by them across Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. ISM Edutech officials and management ensured a safe, secure and professional approach during repatriation so that these students could reunite with their families in shortest span of time.

Since 2003 ISM Edutech has been committed to health care education and counseling. ISM Edutech has facilitated more than 10,000 students to successfully pursue their MBBS degree and other post-graduation healthcare certifications in different countries, through their well-planned placement and career management initiatives and efforts.
Dr Phani Bhushan Potu (Founder and President of ISM EDUTECH Pvt Ltd) graduated as a Doctor in 2000 from Almaty, Kazakhstan. He was persistent to choose the route to serve the society not only individually but opted to facilitate availability of more doctors and contribute towards a better and healthier society. He envisaged to introduce an affordable medical education and ensured that these opportunities reach every family in the country. To accomplish his vision he introduced “Gifted Child Scholarships” to assist numerous students who are exceptionally talented and are unable to afford the tuition fee owing to their economic circumstances. Dr Phani works tirelessly to improve the quality of education and has introduced remarkable reforms in the medical education field at various institutes across the globe.

ISM Edutech is considered as one of the leading education consultants & training organizations from India in the field of Medical & Allied Healthcare Education, Admission and Training services. They have always striven to give students the education they deserve by facilitating a safe, state of the art and empathetic learning environment to accomplish their goals. Eventually they have now found their perfect brand Ambassador. A living embodiment of kindness, empathy and all that is human.

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