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STUDENT PARLIAMNET must be in every School said Director ANIL GAJRAJ. His upcoming Movie titled “UDD CHALE” is based on Holistic Education System.

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It is important for every school to have its own separate STUDENT PARLIAMENT. Writer and Director ANIL GAJRAJ explains that his upcoming movie “UDD CHALE”, is based on Holistic Education, where teachers pay attention towards Children’s Physical, Personal, Emotional, Spiritual well being as well as cognitive aspects of learning and the premise that each person find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. In this movie, A School is run by STUDENT PARLIAMENT and each and every decision is taken by School Students only and Students solve their problems with the help of Student parliament and Teachers are just Facilitators. The movie also has Wild Life Shoot(Sasan Gir National Park), where Students stuck in Jungle in between Carnivores animals, like Lions and Leopards during Wild Life Exploration. The movie “UDD CHALE”, which also promotes India Tourism Industry and Wild Life (Wild Animals) is made under banner of Takshraj Films, which isProduced by Ashwin Patel and Anil Gajraj. The Movie has just got clearance from Censor Board of Film certification with U/A certificate. Writer and Director Anil Gajraj said that all students should have freedom to choose their interest of Field during school days and Education system needs to be changed (Update). The Movie UDD CHALEhas 4 inspirational Songs, Sung by Tanu Shrivastava, Lucky Alli, Vansh Kadam, Santosh Puri, Vasvik Roy and Dheeraj Singh. Music by Santosh Puri.  

 Lead performers are Sanjay Gurbaxani, Banwarilal Jhol, Lajvanti Bhagtani, Poojan Joshi, Aakash Sippy, Dhrudip Thakkar, Agust Aanand, Binod Singh, Takshshil, Sameer, Zaara Khan, Anil Gajraj, Dheeraj Singh & Aarzoo. Main lead Child Actors are Raunak, Khushi Singh and DhyanaPadamShree Awardee Shri Kanubhai also did Guest Appearance. D.O.P: Jayanta Ghosh, Second Camera man: Vismay Kanpariya, Associate Producer: Binod Singh, Executive Producer: Sunil Gajraj, Editors: J.P.Yadav & Amit Jaiswal, D.I: Deepak Kapoor, V.F.X: Ajay Maurya, Visual Promotions: Premankur Bose, Trailer Graphics: Vivaan Bose. Written and Directed by Anil Gajraj. Producers Ashwin Patel and Anil Gajraj are planning to Release the movieUDD CHALE” on Independence Day, 15th August 2019, all over India.

Awardee Shri Kanubhai, Jayanta Ghosh, Vismay Kanpariya, Binod Singh, Sunil Gajraj, J.P.Yadav, Amit Jaiswal, Deepak Kapoor, Ajay

Maurya, Premankur Bose,

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