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High Court orders YouTube & Google to take down fake, defamatory videos about Honorable Guru Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram with immediate effect

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Bombay High Court orders YouTube and Google to take down fake, defamatory videos about Honorable Guru Yogi Ashwini ji of Dhyan Ashram with immediate effect.

The videos were a part of malicious campaign by cattle mafia elements to prevent Guru ji from carrying out his GauSeva work which has directly hampered their illegal business.

Yogi Ashwini has been disseminating the unadulterated gyan of Vedas free of cost across the globe for nearly three decades now. He holds that to progress on the path of yoga, karmic cleansing is essential. Hence he devotes most of his time to save and nurture the voiceless beings, and is a source of inspiration for thousands at Dhyan Foundation who follow his footsteps.

Under the leadership of Yogi Ashwini, Dhyan Foundation has been rehabilitating the cattle rescued from smugglers and illegal slaughterhouses by BSF and police forces. Presently 50000 such rescued cows and bulls are housed at 47 plus Dhyan Foundation gaushalas spread across the country. All the expenses towards transport, fodder, treatment and shelter are borne from personal contribution from Guru ji and volunteers and well wishers of Dhyan Foundation.

As per Bsf reports, with help of Guru ji and Dhyan Foundation, the cattle smuggling on Bengal Bangladesh border has come to near zero, and attacks on jawans have also stopped. The same has been acknowledged by AWBI which awarded the Jeev Daya Award 2021 to Dhyan Foundation.

Cattle mafia has been trying to stall this work through threats, attacks, thefts and defamatory fake reports. The videos in question were one such desperate attempt by the mafia to damage the reputation of Guru ji and Dhyan Foundation.

Bombay High Court noted the malicious intent behind the videos and their attack on a revered Guru, and ordered the videos be taken down within 24 hours.

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