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The logo of Mumbaindia International Film Festival (MIIFF) was launched in Mumbai

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The first Mumbaindia International Film Festival (MIIFF) will be held in January 2023, and there will be six sections from world cinema to Marathi cinema.

The founders of Mumbaindia International Film Festival (MIIFF), Sharon Prabhakar, Sudhir Attavar, Trivikram Belthangady, Sandip Soparrkar and Chaitali Chatterjee launched the spectacular logo of this unique film festival. In a grand event held at the Cinepolis in Mumbai, its founders revealed many interesting things about the film festival. Veteran actor Om Puri’s wife Nandita Puri and actress Shazahn Padamsee were also present at the event.

Sharon Prabhakar said, “People might say that there are many film festivals, so what is the need to do this, but I do not think about it. You should try your best to fulfill your dream. I go against the routine work, and this is one such festival which will be different, unique and exciting. We women are multi-taskers.”

Sudhir Attavar said, “We have kept 6 sections in this film festival. The first category is of world cinema, the second category is of the LGBTQIA community and another category is of women filmmakers. There is a category for a film institute. The fifth category will be for ad films and the sixth category will be for Marathi cinema. There will also be a section for dance and music based films. The first MIIFF will be held in Mumbai in January 2023. Registration for it will start from July 2022.

The founder of the film festival Sudhir Attavar said, “The festival is not being done to earn money. There will be neither politics nor commercial angle in this meaningful festival.”

Dancer-choreographer Sandip Soparkar said, “I express my sincere gratitude for making me a part of this festival. When I came to Mumbai 22 years ago, the next day I went to visit the temple of Mumba Devi and I told her that this city has been named after you, when will such a day come when I will be able to associate with your name. And today after 22 years I am very happy to be associated with Mumba India International Film Festival. We will promote culture through cinema.”

Trivikram Belthangady said, “When Sudhir ji and Sharon asked me to join this festival, I immediately agreed, because it is filled with creative energy. Through this festival, the audience will get to see meaningful cinema. Doors will also be opened for new filmmakers. I am very excited about this journey.”

Chaitali Chatterjee also expressed her heartfelt thanks.

Ompuri’s wife Nandita Puri said, “My heartfelt congratulations to the entire team for organizing this festival. Sharon is my great friend, I am also her fan, she is my favorite and an amazing woman. I have seen issues behind film festivals, we will keep Mumba India International Film Festival away from politics or lobbying.”

Shazahn Padamsee, who has acted in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films, said, “Everyone has worked hard for this festival. My mom Sharon has given her heart and soul to this festival.”

Krishna Bhardwaj, Ratna Pratap and Vidyadhar Shetty also extended their best wishes here. Vidyadhar Shetty of Success Films organized the event.

Sharon Prabhakar added, “People are passionate about filmmaking and some have even sold their houses to make a good film. This festival is for such passionate makers. We will try to do something better, new and different through this.”

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