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Bollywood Adda


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While Shannon already shines the tiara of fame and popularity, her younger sister Annabelle is carving her way to success and fame as a director.

Their new song “Run” which is shot in Jaipur is different. Different,  not the cliche different but different in terms of the message, the feel and the overall aesthetic of the song.

Shannon however describes the song Run as her personal interpretation of self confidence and dreams” I feel like in the past I had been afraid of putting my true self out there. I was told to not dream big, to try and fit in to look alike, to change my style so I can be accepted by the people. But somewhere I felt like I was cheating myself by being someone who I’m not. The song is a motivation to everyone who needs encouragememt to be themselves”

Over the years Shannon has realised that her uniqueness is her diversity. She takes pride in her skin colour and conveys her ethinic roots and reveals her Indian cultural side through the song.

The lyrics and meaning is heart touching. The song is presented through the music video shot in Los Angeles and Jaipur, one of the most beautiful cities in India. Both the sisters wanted to bring out the culture and authenticity into the video.

The music video however brings the best of two worlds together representating diversity.

It is not only the message and the locations that makes the song unique, Annabelle K has directed the video, created the entire look,
and finalized the shoot idea and the location giving the song more of an indo western aesthetic vibe.

The song seems fun and worth a watch.

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