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Shrey Mittal is more than just an actor, reveals his passion for sports to live a healthy lifestyle

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Discipline is the key to success, and actor Shrey Mittal lives his life with sheer discipline. Known for his captivating performances on television, Mittal has a hidden passion beyond the glitz and glamour. His love for health and fitness is unparalleled. Despite having a hectic schedule, Shrey Mittal ensures to prioritize health and well-being above all. The secret of maintaining his fitness level is the sport of football, which keeps him rejuvenated.

From his early days, Shrey has harboured a deep affection for sports, particularly football. “Sports, and football in particular, have always been close to my heart since childhood,” Shrey shares. For him, football transcends beyond just a game; it serves as a form of therapy, offering solace and healing in times of stress and fatigue.

Acknowledging the importance of physical activity for overall health, Shrey emphasizes, “Playing a sport is not just about staying physically fit; it’s equally crucial for mental well-being.” He stresses the therapeutic benefits of engaging in physical activities, citing football as a source of joy and release from the demands of daily life.

Despite his busy schedule, Shrey makes it a point to indulge in his passion for football regularly, dedicating time to playing the sport at least 2-3 times a week. “Football helps me stay in shape and maintain my fitness levels,” he remarks, highlighting the dual benefits of physical activity for both his physique and his mind.

Beyond personal fitness goals, Shrey has dreams of venturing into the world of football ownership. “Owning a football team is a lifelong dream,” he reveals. In addition to pursuing his fitness journey, Shrey encourages others to embrace an active lifestyle. “I encourage everyone to pick up a sport and play,” he urges, underscoring the importance of sports in fostering discipline, focus and resilience.

Known for his roles in Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Naagin 6’ on Colors TV and ‘India Waali Maa’ on Sony TV, he has also been the winner of MTV Splitsvilla Season 12. Moreover, the actor recently forayed into film production with his post-production studio, FX Fantasy offering an array of services like editing, visual effects (VFX), and digital intermediate (DI).

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