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Ekta Jain, Dr. Santosh Pandey, Sachin Danai, and Rahila Rahman attended Koli Agri Mahotsav

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Chandu Dada Patil, the president of the Koli Agri Mahotsav, organized a grand event in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. This festival ran for 2 weeks . Esteemed guests such as Ekta Jain, Dr. Santosh Pandey, Sachin Danai, and Rahila Rahman graced the occasion.

Dr. Santosh Pandey expressed his gratitude to Chandu Dada Patil for inviting him to this Koli festival. He shared his delightful experience of witnessing the vibrant atmosphere, enthusiasm, music, and dance. He congratulated Chandu Dada for organizing such a splendid event.

Actress and influencer Ekta Jain expressed her delight at attending the festival. It was her first time at the Koli festival, and she was pleasantly surprised by its grandeur. The nostalgic memories of her childhood were revived, listening to folk songs and witnessing live performances by singers and musicians. The festive ambiance was filled with excitement. Chandu Patil’s efforts in creating such a beautiful environment were commendable. The large swings installed here were impressive, evoking a desire to sit on them and enjoy the moment. She believes that one should always keep their heart youthful and innocent, despite growing older. Today, she also danced to Koli songs with great joy.

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