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Reshma-Riyaz Gangji along with Aman Gangji of Libas presented Dawn of Harmony: A Tribute to Hope and Peace”

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The  show by designers Riyaz Gangji and Reshma Gangji and Aman Gangji of LIBAS was a celebration of resilience, hope, and the triumph of light over darkness. In the wake of global crises and wars, this collection reflected the human spirit’s indomitable nature. Through a palette of white and muted gold, the designs conveyed a sense of renewal, symbolizing the transition from the darkest hours to the promise of a brighter future. This show tells a story of life’s continuity, hopes for peace, and the return to the warmth of normal daylight and sunshine.

In a world that has endured its share of darkness, this collection served as a beacon of hope. With shades of white and muted gold, the designs resonated with the idea that even in the bleakest moments, light can triumph. This evening, was  celebrated resilience and the return to the embrace of normalcy, just like the first rays of dawn breaking.

Many celebrities including MLA Aslam Shaikh were also present in this show. There was a huge crowd of audience including Riyaz’s best friend Rajiv Paul, Neeraj and Chandni Soni, Mr. and Mrs. Siddharth Kanan, Dr. Santosh Pandey, Ekta Jain, who kept praising the show till the last moment.

Father and son walked and looked like a million bucks!

Ace Director Anees bazmee took over the ramp like a king Soha Ali khan shined like a princess and people hooted for the duo. The crowd went eclectic and was asking for more people whistling hooting and the night ended like the theme dawn of harmony.

While talking to the media, Soha Ali Khan said that I thank Riyaz ji and am very happy that he invited me as the showstopper. He has been in this field for 3 decades, it is obvious that he has been in designing for a long time. But I really liked their theme today. In this show we gave an important message of world peace.

Anees Bazmee, director of No Entry and Welcome, said that world peace is most important in today’s world. I think that the life of every person in the world is very precious, no matter what religion, caste or country he belongs to. Riyaz has covered this topic very well in his show. My relationship with Riyaz Bhai and Libas is very old. Wherever I go, I am sure that I will look good in Riyaz Bhai’s costume.”

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