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Medha Pushkarna’s book ‘The Great Trial’ is a thrilling courtroom drama, dragging Corona to Court for Trial

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With many uncanny things happening, the interest in the literature about ongoing issues has surged. In other words, the recent coronavirus pandemic created chaos globally, and amidst this, a gripping courtroom drama saw the light with the animal and plant ecosystem being blamed for the devastating pandemic. ‘The Great Trial’, a novel authored by Medha Pushkarna takes the readers to a world filled with uncertainties.

In the book, Meds, a young and naive counsel, finds herself at the centre of a trial determining the fate of humanity and the animal kingdom. The book keeps the readers engaged as Meds defends the animal kingdom. While she believes that the virus is human-made creation, Uncle Just, a seasoned senior counsellor opposes her blaming the animals as the reason behind the coronavirus.

Well, this courtroom drama becomes a battleground as the duo fight for the truth. As humanity accuses the animal world of destroying the planet, Meds stands strong and denies the involvement of animals behind the outrage of the deadly virus. Moving further in the narrative, Meds is guided by Uncle Vasu, a prominent figure among the Devas. As the trial progresses, the author builds curiosity by adding different emotions of love, hate, anger and betrayal in humankind’s battle against the animal world.

In addition, ‘War on earth’  and ‘ Corona summoned to court ‘ The Great Trial’ leaves the readers thrilled with the examination, cross-questioning, debates and heated arguments. Both sides pitted against each other have an intention of harm, but nothing comes above the power of law to prevail justice. Furthermore, Medha beautifully makes the readers wonder by explaining the relationship between the animal world and humanity.

All in all, ‘The Great Trial’, a courtroom drama diminishes the line between right and wrong where truth triumphs. On the work front, Medha Pushkarna is pursuing a law degree. As a law student, her fascination for crime thrillers grew which inspired her to write about important causes. Lastly, the book explains that whatever happens in this world is a consequence of our actions. ‘The Great Trial’ was launched on 14th June, and the book is available on the e-commerce platforms- Amazon , Kindle and Flipkart .


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