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RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre organises a grand Tuberculosis-Free health camp in Surat

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Guinness Book of World Records Holder RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre, in association with the SBI Foundation, organized a Tuberculosis-Free Health Camp recently in Tarwadi Amaroli, Surat . The event was attended by Mr. Sanjay Prakash, the Managing Director of the SBI Foundation. Mr. Raja Ram Chavhan, Manager of SBI graced his presence to inaugurate the event.

With the participation of numerous doctors and medical professionals, nearly 4,900 patients benefited from the TB-free medical camp. India has been fighting the tuberculosis crisis, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned eliminating the disease by 2025. In line with this campaign, the RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre launched an initiative on March 31 to raise awareness and make a tuberculosis-free Surat and its surrounding districts.

The Tuberculosis-Free Health Camp was grand with a wide range of services offered to the attendees. Over 34 doctors and paramedical staff participated in the campaign to support the tribal communities. The camp facilitated several medical tests and examinations like 1,900 TB tests, around 1,200 sickle cell tests, 2,500 eye check-ups, and the distribution of 12 wheelchairs and approximately 2,300 spectacles.

Moreover, 1200 dental check-ups, 150 HIV blood sugar tests, 90 bone density tests, 1200 blood grouping tests and 300 ECG tests were also conducted. Additionally, the medical camp addressed other health concerns like anaemia, HIV, and hepatitis through comprehensive check-ups.

Spread across a venue spanning 5 acres, food and drinking water arrangements were made for all patients. All other medical concerns were addressed by the doctors. The primary goal of the RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre is to treat 6,000 to 10,000 TB patients and make four districts around Surat free from tuberculosis.

Those detected with the disease at the camp will get treatment for six months to one year. To tackle TB, the camp’s comprehensive approach was widely appreciated by everyone. Intending to improve public health, medical professionals have already begun treating patients suffering from the disease.

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