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Go Fitrati With Supriya Joshi

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‘Go Fitrati With Supriya Joshi
Supriya Joshi is back with a bang, with her new song ‘Fitrati’, which has gained tremendous love and praise from the audience. The new Hip- Hop Number will surely make you groove and dance this New Years and is the perfect party song.
While speaking of the song we also had the opportunity to interact with the composer/ singer herself in an exclusive interview where we got some insight into her journey with this beautiful song.

Q1- Tell us something about your new song Fitrati!
A1- ” The song Fitrati is very close to my heart. What makes this song special is that I have written, composed and sung it. It is a song that people of all ages will love. In this song there is a little teasing, a little tantrums and a little affinity. I am sure everyone will like this song very much and dance to it too much.”

Q2- How was your experience working on it?
A2- ” I really enjoyed working on this song and every step felt like we were doing something new. And especially when its music was being made, it was in my mind that there should be some mischief, some teasing and some such thing in this song, which people like about it. I had a lot of fun in this whole process.”

Q3- How challenging is it to be a singer and composer in independent space?
A3- ” When you create anything new and as a singer composer and as an independent artist now when you try to present new, then challenge definitely comes because now when you sing for others then you sing according to them but when you create something new for yourself, you are fully responsible for how you present yourself to people as an artist as a musician and as a writer. So yes it’s challenging but as I said, I enjoy this process.”

Q4- What are the challenges you face as a female independent artist?
A4- “Being a female independent artist, there are some challenges like it was difficult for people to understand that a girl can compose the song, write the song and can act on it but I have got all support from the people who supported me a lot and I am very thankful to each and everyone who inspires me to create the different genre of music.”

Q5- What are your upcoming projects and activities in the pipeline?
A5- “Currently I am working on our Indian music, especially classical music and Indian folk. I am planning to collaborate with Different artists. I have a great respect for our Indian classical music and folk artists which I am working on. This is my next project which is very close to my heart. There are some new projects which have been done with different musicians and soon people will hear my new songs.”

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