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Bollywood Adda

Govinda and Swwapnil Joshi came at the success celebration of Namma Homeopathy

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Namma Homeopathy is an advanced No 1 leading Homeopathic chain of clinics in Karnataka and Maharashtra with a vision of providing the best health care services and treatment through its advanced Immunogenic Miasmatic 6th Generation Homeopathic treatments in Global location. Namma Homeopathy have 21 clinics across India and have more than 200+ highly qualified Homeopaths and have more than 2 lakh success cases in treating chronic diseases with 80-90% success rate.
Bollywood’s hero number one Govinda spoke here on stage in Marathi and Hindi for about half an hour. He said that my mother used to get homeopathy treatment for me . Homeopathy is a method of treatment which does not have any side effects and cures the disease from the root.               

Govinda further said that of course parents have great importance in our life, we should respect our parents, after that we humans entrust ourselves to doctors, you take care of us. Therefore it is not possible to deny the importance of doctors. I congratulate Namma Homeopathy, thank the doctors, as well as thank Dr More Raghu Prasad for inviting me to this homeopathy program.
Famous Marathi film actor Swwapnil Joshi said here that there is only one hero number one, and the name of that artist is Govinda. It is a pleasure for me to be a part of this program with him today, listening to him is like learning. Namma Homeopathy has cured thousands but not millions of patients, successfully treated them and the treatment of a sick person in the house means giving happiness to the whole family. Dr. More Raghu Prasad has given new hope, new courage and new energy to millions of homes.
Namma Homeopathy was established in the year 2017 with a vision to make India a disease free country. Within a span of 5 years, Namma Homeopathy team have treated so many Chronic diseases, so called incurable diseases and given the best solution to the patients. This was the get together event of Happy Patients and Happy doctors to celebrate the achievement of Namma Homeopathy in the field of Homeopathy Medical services and to share the benefits to the human society. Dr. More Raghu Prasad, Chairman and Managing Director, Namma Homeopathy, extended special thanks to Bollywood star Govinda and Marathi actor Swwapnil Joshi on this occasion.

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