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Bollywood Adda

Author Nidhi Surekha Launches 3 Steps Up Phonetic Book Series To Enrich Children Knowledge

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In today’s time digital world rules but it cannot be denied that books are your real friends.Author Nidhi Sureka has written a book tittled 3 Steps Up Phonetic Book Series which is unique in its concept enabling a 4 year old children to read themselves as it has treasure store of 500 plus words with colorful illustrations which helps to develop at early stage.The celebrities present at the event were Snehal Pinto,Simmone Khambatta,Rishina Khandati,Lata Seth And Sanjeev Seth.Everyone praised the author for her commendable work .Although digital world is a boon in modern world but the core value of books can never be underestimated and always act as a backbone of human growth.

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