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Actress Ekta Jain Gets Hot Photo-Shoot In Monochrome And Gothic Look

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Actress Ekta Jain has been a part of many TV shows and movies. She has a huge fan following on social media. The actress recently got a hot photoshoot in costumes designed by Riyaz and Reshma Gangji of Libas Stores . The main aim of this photoshoot was to show her new and different looks to her fans as a thankful gesture to them for their love. The makeup and hair styling of Monochrome and Gothic look was done by Rima Nandi and the photoshoot was done at Byke Suraj Plaza Hotel, Thane . The makeup and hair styling of other looks was done by Khushmua and the photoshoot was done at Cliffton Hotel, Jogeshwari .Talking about the photo-shoot, she said, “I always try to be close to my fans and fulfill their demands. I was getting a lot of requests on my social media from my fans as they wanted to see me in a different and new look. Therefore, I decided to do this photoshoot.”
She further added,” I and my team decided certain themes for this photoshoot. We have tried a monochrome theme and gothic look. I am getting good reviews from my fans on these looks.”
When asked who she thinks is more important to survive in the industry, fans or Godfather, she said,” I think fans make you what you are. GodFather is also important but for a person like me who had no God Father when I entered the industry, it has always been fans’ love and support. I want to thank them all for giving me so much love.”
Ekta has 5 releases in 2021 for which she is very excited. Sharing the details about the same she said, “For me, 2020 was a good year because I did good work and my fan following also increased . Now I have 5 releases for next year and I have played different roles in every film. I am excited that my fans will get to see me in different avatars.”  

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