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Desh Ki Jeet

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What’s Desh Ki Jeet?

Desh Ki Jeet gives people the power to open up, voice out, and stay informed and actively involved in nation building. This is the platform for the everyday Indian to discuss and decide about everything that is related to India’s growth and India’s wins as a nation.

We are launching this movement with the concentration on the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections because this is where we see India most united, concerned and engaged as one nation.

DeshKiJeet will not be limited to elections; in fact, it will touch all spheres, like industry, economy, science & technology, music, art, and so on.

From manufacturing a tiny chip to launching a grand mission, from winning an international cricket match to a regional Sepak Takraw game, every day the nation is winning in numerous ways. And many times these achievements go unnoticed and diluted amidst the plethora of other news. But we believe that every win matters. And we are dedicated to recognizing them. We want every head to turn and see and feel a sense of national pride in their hearts. We want the nation’s every accomplishment to motivate and inspire the people, to engage people’s imaginations and emotions and show them what they are capable of doing or becoming.
We are starting a war today. And this war will be fought not with swords and bullets but with the internet and this website. We are going on a battle to fight for our nation’s win. This website is not about religions, castes and statuses but everything about DeshKiJeet, where Hindustan’s win is everybody’s win.

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