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Actor Arun Govil’s Dedication Shines During Injury on Set of ‘Notice’ Film

The last schedule of the film ‘Notice’ was concluded in Mumbai last week, when Arun Govil was spotted filming. Aps Entertainment’s forthcoming film ‘Notice’, which brings together two beloved icons of Indian television, Arun Govil and Dipika Chikalia, famed for their iconic performances in the timeless epics Ramayan, promises to touch the hearts of millions.

On the final day of filming, Aditya Pratap Raghuvanshi, the co-star and producer of “Notice,” shared a moving story of the occurrence. The event happened on the Chitrakoot set when Mr. Govil, a renowned actor, was hurt during a crucial part while filming the forthcoming film. In a scene where Arun Govil, who plays Narayan Gupta, is about to be detained by the officer, the driver of the police jeep, while taking the reverse hit Arun ji’s elbow hard as he was standing near to the Jeep.As Arun ji was hurt, the entire crew panicked.However, Arun Ji grasped the significance of the moment and asked the director and team to continue shooting.Despite his injuries, Mr. Govil remained resolute and insisted on continuing the filming.

He also highlighted Arun Govil’s encouraging and courteous approach during the filming process. His kind and accommodating personality has made an unforgettable imprint on the whole cast and crew.

The incident not only underscores Arun Govil’s commitment to his craft but also exemplifies his admirable character, which extends beyond the screen. Arun Govil has long been a respected figure in the entertainment industry, and this incident only serves to enhance his reputation.

“Notice” promises to be a captivating and memorable cinematic experience, made all the more special by the dedication and professionalism of its cast, particularly Arun Govil. The film is eagerly awaited by fans and cinema enthusiasts.

The film is directed by Pradeep Gupta and is a drama with elements of social criticism that aims to connect the spectator emotionally while conveying a powerful message.Sunil singh Kushwaha, a newcomer, also gives a fantastic performance in the film.

The film ‘Notice’ is set to hit theatres in early 2024.